Faq Pashulok

Q 1: How to post an ad?
A: One can post an ad by filling the details on Post Ad page by visiting the page link: https://www.pashulok.com/postad

Q 2: Can I post an ad without registration?
A: Although, registration is the best way to post an ad, but one can use FaceBook and Gmail login options to post an ad instead of registration.

Q 3: Is posting an ad chargeable?
A: It is absolutely free.

Q 4: How to contact a seller?
A: After registration on the website, one can message directly to the seller from the detail page of the ad posting.

Q 5: I am unable to access my account, what to do?
A: In such a case, contact our customer care team for further assistance. You can mail us at info@pashulok.com or can take help of live chat support team.

Q 6: Where to find the history of my earlier posted ads?
A: One can check the history of all old and new ads in my account section.

Q 7: My cattle do not belong to the listed category, what to do?
A: You can post the ad under the category name “Others” Also, you can contact the Live Chat support team for any query or assistance.

Q 8: What action should be taken if any Seller or Buyer is abusing?
A: Immediately complain the same to our customer care team, we will take appropriate action after the investigation of the issue.